Submit a Ticket - Virtual Boot Fitting

Skates are meant to fit like socks. 

Contrary to most people's understanding, buying skates should not be like buying shoes. Instead of presenting your normal shoe size and using a conversion chart to choose a size, we need to ensure a proper fit to avoid the blades/plates from sitting in the wrong place relative to the ball area of your foot where all the magic happen. 

At SkatersEdge, we understand how correctly fitted boots contribute to the enjoyment of the sport and progress of learning. We have enough foot data to provide you with the best fit, even when you're not in store to try on the skates. Simply follow our instructions below for a perfect fit even on the other side of the world!

By providing us with information about your current skates, you will significantly assist us in understanding your preferences and concerns regarding a particular brand. This will enable us to assess whether a switch to a different brand is necessary or if sticking with your current brand is advisable. Please provide us with comprehensive details, as this will greatly enhance the accuracy of our recommendations.
Please be as detailed as possible.
By proceeding with our skate size recommendation, you acknowledge that it is provided as a helpful service based on factors including foot length, shape, supplier guidelines, and past foot data. In very rare cases, skaters may prefer a different size/fit than their recommended size. If a skater prefers a size outside the recommended range, SkatersEdge is not responsible for facilitating a return or liable for accommodating the skater's preference.